Management Coaching

Leading Now Management Coaching programs are designed for organizations and individuals who want more out of managing. Corporate, Group and Individual programs are available. If you seek to to improve basic management skills and practices within your organization for both new and experienced managers, consider one of the following programs. Your organization will benefit by:

  • Creating a common culture of management 
  • Providing a set of basic tools for thinking and acting as a manager
  • Building bench strength across the organization
Management Coaching Modules are available in several formats:
  • "Live" Full day workshops
  • "Live" Half day seminars
  • Individual Coaching
  • Webinars (live and recorded)
And where it is difficult to tear your busy staff away from critical activities to attend lengthy learning sessions, the 60 Minutes on Management series of one hour workshops introduces the fundamentals of management and supervision in a condensed and focused format. This series establishes a baseline for more advanced coaching and development and contributes to consistency of operations and human relations. Each module has a worksheet and checklist as takeaways along with a “where to learn more” reference guide. All modules may be presented as classroom delivery or as live Webinars which may be recorded for subsequent viewing by others.

 A sample of topics covered in the Management Coaching Modules include:

  • What Managers Do and Why They Do It ... or Should!
  • But We've Always Done It This Way - Managing Change
  • Is This Meeting Really Necessary? - How to Have a Meeting that People Want to Come to (suitable for non-managers)
  • We Need to Talk - Communication within Your Team (suitable for non-managers)
  • Your Top Ten #1 Priorities - Setting and Managing Priorities (suitable for non-managers)
  • The Buddy System - Building Cross-Functional Relationships (suitable for non-managers)
  • So Much to Do, So Little Time - Time Management (suitable for non-managers)
  • Chaos Theory - Managing Business Process
  • My Precious - Delegating Work
  • What's Mine is Mine, What's Yours is Negotiable - Negotiating with Integrity (suitable for non-managers)
  • Flip the Coin Already - Making Decisions
  • You Want Me to do What?! - Setting Objectives
  • Just Do It - Managing Performance
  • It's That Time Again - Performance Appraisals
  • You Wanted to See Me about Something? - Delivering Feedback
  • Taking the Field - Coaching Employees
  • And Then She Said...! - Managing Conflicts and Complaints
  • Drinking From the Firehose - Onboarding New Employees
  • Why Did They Do That - Managing Employee Problems
All modules are customizable to reference your organization's specific polices, documentation and web links.

Continue the Learning (CtL)

Learning is a process, not an event.  Ongoing interaction and follow up is essential to the achievement of positive long term change.  To maximize your return on investment, use one or both of the following options to continue the learning:

  • Online Community – A custom social network based website which allows the management conversations and learning to continue. This is a private site exclusively dedicated to your participants. Virtual conversations  are monitored and guided by a Management Coach with input provided as needed. Content is focused on sustaining and continuing the growth process started in the coaching modules. Custom content as suggested by your organization may be incorporated from time to time.
  • Practical Leading – A five part workshop that focuses on the 5 skills of character necessary for leading. Participants will assess their competency in these skills and learn how to use them at the right time in the right way. 
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